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How can I place an order?
We accept orders by phone or fax. You can also take a look in our Online Store!

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover, or you can prepay your order by mailing a money order, cashiers check or personal check.

How can I add Turn Signals to my car?
When placing your wiring harness order just let us know that you would like to add the turn signal option. Click here for more information about this option.

My cars not listed in your catalog, can you still make me a harness?
If it's an antique or classic chances are yes. Simply remove your original harnesses (tagging as many wires as possible) and we will duplicate it, wire for wire. Upon receipt of your harness, we will give you a price quotation and delivery date. Please take a moment to read our New Pattern or Not Listed in Catalog Policy.

Do you keep harnesses in stock?
Unfortunately we do not, there are too many variations even within the same year/make/model on some cars that it would be impossible to keep 1 of everything. We work on a customer Queue basis, your order will be processed and completed in the order to which it was received. This is simply due to the amount of custom harnesses that we build.

What kind of instructions are included?
Instructions can come in two different fashions:

  • 1. Most harnesses include the number coded instruction sheet with illustrations that correspond to the numbers tagged on the wires.
    Here's an Example: Instruction Sheet With Illustrations which enables for an easy installation, even for the "first-timer."
  • 2. Other harnesses may include an engineering style sheet.
    Here's an Example: Instruction Sheet Engineering Drawing

What if I get "Stuck" or I am having a problem?
We also have a "service-after-the-sale policy", if at any time you are stuck or confused, one of our techs will guide you through the process, even YEARS after your original purchase!

Do you make any Battery Cables or Ground Straps?
Yes, we can make cables and ground straps for virtually any application. You'll find pricing for these items in our connector and terminal catalog, just click here

Do you sell connectors, terminals or wire?
Yes, we sell many of the same connectors and terminals used in manufacturing our harnesses "loose piece". In addition, you can purchase original style wire, tapes and other miscellaneous items from us. Click here to see current parts available (Online Store).


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