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We are very proud of our products. Why? Because we make wiring harnesses better than just about anyone else. Here are some of the steps we go through in order that our customers receive the very best harness possible.

1. Duplicates of originals means that we use an original wiring harness as a template to build our new harness. This ensures that the harness you receive will look and fit like your factory original.

2. We crimp, solder and use rubber-insulating sleeves as per original.

3. If metal fuses, GM Twist Lock in-lines, or 5/8" metal dash light sockets were in your harness originally . . . then we will build them into your new harness (except where optionally noted in the catalog).

4. Original wire colors called for by the National Auto Service Manual, or the original harness are used in your new harness.

5. Modern automotive grade wire (GPT) is covered in cloth in the original colors then dipped in lacquer to protect the cloth.

6. We braid your harness in paper/cloth or 100% cotton as per original.

7. We can also rubber wrap your harness, or use auto loom, as per original.

If that's not enough check out these optional services.

You may wish to add turn signals where there once were NONE! How about a system where your rear brake lights are the turn signal lights? Like on today's modern pickup trucks, Cadillacs and Lincolns.

You may wish to add fog light and/or Trippe lights.

You may wish to add an electric fuel pump.

You may wish to upgrade to a 12 volt alternating system.

Give us a call to discuss the option(s) you would like us to build in for you.


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